Landon Peck’s enduring fascination for the vessel as literal container and metaphorical body has proven to be a rich and rewarding subject for research and investigation throughout his creative practice. It is with an understanding of this broadest of contexts that he interrogates the ‘ceramic vessel’ as object, material and symbol, and as functional form, gallery-based artefact, and component within pioneering technologies. Each piece reflects a personal observation of the parallels between the natural world and the human body as a mechanism we endeavour to reshape, control and manipulate.

Peck (b. 1974, South Africa) is a British ceramic artist. He gained BA (Hons) Ceramics (First Class) from University of Westminster and in 2014, MA Ceramics & Glass from the Royal College of Art. Peck is the second recipient of the Henry Rothschild Ceramics Bursary (2014-16). Peck has exhibited nationally and internationally: Henry Rothschild Memorial Lecture, Shipley Gallery (2016); Rupert Cavindish Antiques (2015); Perspectives: Art, Liver Disease & Me, Vienna, Austria (2015); Affordable Art Fair (2015); Decorex International (2015); London Design Festival (2014); Malta Design Week, Malta (2014); Ceramic Art London (2013/14) and British Ceramic Biennial (2013). Residencies include the Ćmielów Design Studio, Ćmielów Porcelain Factory, Poland (2013) and the University of Hertfordshire (2014-15). Peck’s work is featured in Ceramics: Art & Perception, Dec 2013 and Crafts, Jul/Aug 2012. It is held in private collections in USA and Europe.  

The artist lives and works in London.